Song of the Day: Linda Rondstadt

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Perusing MySpace's increasingly lackluster music section today, I came across promotion for a new singer named Katy Perry. Thinking that she looked like Linda Ronstadt, who between 1969 and 1975 was the world's sexiest pop musician, I clicked to Perry's page. The song was some electro-pop nonsense about not being "one of the boys" or something, so I clicked off and decided to go straight to the source of my wistful morning.

Ronstadt, a figure on the budding SoCal folk circuit during the late '60s, released a bunch of great songs, routinely backed by a rock 'n' roots outfit called The Stone Poneys. This selection, from her most critically respected album, Heart Like a Wheel, is slicker but no less solid than her more downhome offerings.

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