Song of the Day: The Fratellis

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Continuing a long tradition of hard-living UK bands, The Fratellis exploded onto U.S. soil with a left hook and a debut record known for its brash, swinging brand of bar rock that did its best to replicate the feeling of a last-call free-for-all. And like the UK groups that came before them, they have used their sophomore release, Here We Stand, to temper that energy with better songwriting, fuller arrangements and a little nostalgia.

"A Heady Tale," a dead-on homage to classic era of The Faces, is a rollicking piano ballad that combines the band's dual personalities -- sneering, brassy, in-your-face slugfests and sing-along dance numbers about nights winding down, time passing by. The band has the entire album streaming on its homepage, so be sure to check out other tracks like "Maybe Mabel" and "My Friend John."