Lunch Break Links: Friday, June 13, 2008

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I also don't even like Coldplay that much, but their size and scope compels me to link to another interview. (Interesting tidbit: They love Limp Bizkit.)

On to things I feel a bit more passionately about: Pitchfork has a really good interview with Jemima Pearl of Be Your Own Pet.

And as for another band I post about frequently? Stone Temple Pilots are going to court with their old label, Atlantic.

And you know I post every R. Kelly story I can get my hands on. Here is one. Here is another.

Commenters are suggesting this new Beck album could be a comeback, if he ever went away.

Jon Voight went away from TV for 40 years, but he is coming back for a role as an evil mastermind on 24.

Hopefully Jon Favreau will come back to direct another Iron Man movie, but the studio might be screwing him.

Haven't heard much from Nelly lately. Here's what he's been up to:

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AV Club talked to the Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard. I didn't realize she was the first woman to win. Don't hold your breath for Mark Wahlberg to transform back into Marky Mark.

Slate writes about the embarrassment inherent in some environmentally friendly TV network starring Vincent Chase. "Eco-tainment!" Awesome.

Man, Wyclef Jean loves old white guys.

Uh oh: A music journalist got busted for using a ghost writer. (But not this Ghostwriter.)

Everyone knows promotional CDs are "not for resale," and everyone knows people sell them to used record stores anyway. But that behavior may become legal if Universal can't overturn this court decision.

In honor of the new M. Night Shyamalan flick, EW posted a list of the best movie twists.

I'm all about new music from The Notwist.

We end with another one of my favorite blog subjects, Kanye West, exhibiting surprising calmness on stage in the face of a heckler.