Lunch Break Links: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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Columbus Alive

Hey, a new Clipse song! Haven't listened yet, but I have to believe Scott Storch is a downgrade from the Neptunes. Then again, the man worked on Chronic 2001...

And this is not quite as exciting, but here are a couple tunes from the new Conor Oberst solo album. Still not sure how this is different from a Bright Eyes album...

Inspired by Josh Homme's outburst, the Limewire blog lists rock stars' best on-stage outbursts.

Lil Wayne topped "A Milli" in first-week sales and is forming a supergroup with T-Pain.

Pilots for J.J. Abrams' Fringe and Alan Ball's HBO series True Blood have leaked on the Internet.

Not really pop culture but intriguing nonetheless: Slate answers a time-honored question: What is really better for the environment, paper towels or electric air dryers?

Joan Rivers was kicked off a UK TV show for profanity.

This dude is the face of Guitar Hero.

Spike Lee is making a movie called Time Traveler.

Did you know the same guy has been playing Big Bird for almost four decades? The Baltimore Sun has a feature.

EW has a look at Method Man's graphic novel.

Janet Jackson is going to try to perform every single she ever released on her upcoming tour, but Idolator thinks she can probably jettison a few.

Lastly, famed MGM dancer Cyd Charisse has died. R.I.P.