Song of the Day: Moon High

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

This week I'll be running down some of the sweet tracks included on the 2008 version of the Alive Local Music Compilation. Be sure to come out to our show this Friday, June 20, at the High Five. Free show. Free CD. See you at 9 p.m.

Props to the homie Chris DeVille for finding this freak-folk outfit just when we were all like, "Man, it'd be sweet to put some freak folk on this year's compilation." Nice work, brah! This band has been picking up steam lately, playing SkyLab and other Columbus venues and showing what can be done with a banjo, delicate vocal harmonies and hard work.

This song is one of many great ones from their debut album, which was released in a limited hand-made run. (The disc jackets are hand-stitched canvas brocade with beautiful cardboard sleeves.) Were the world to unite in harmony -- prancing through a field of daisies -- this song would be floating peacefully in the breeze.