Lunch Break Links: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

EW continues its listmania with 100 "new TV classics." No. 100? Saved By the Bell.

Pitchfork interviewed DFA's new dance heroes Hercules and Love Affair.

People are crazy for pianos in China right now.

ABC and ESPN have joined with YouTube competitor Veoh.

Speaking of ESPN, hopefully they are really taking over the NFL Network's broadcasts.

Heidi Montag keeps making music.

Why is Ice T picking a fight with Soulja Boy? Publicity, I guess.

Ne-Yo's diss comes via a freestyle over Lil Wayne's "A Milli." Apparently a lot of folks are turning in "A Milli" freestyles, so Status Ain't Hood ranked them.

Speaking of Weezy, he and Diddy want you to get off the internet and do something.

Could Robert Downey Jr. be playing Sherlock Holmes?

Gary Glitter is planning a post-prison comeback album.

Nate Dogg has been arrested for making terrorist threats.

HBO will air a series of George Carlin specials in honor of the late comedian.

You can listen to new Beck songs at iLike. And here's a trailer for his upcoming Modern Guilt.