Lunch Break Links: Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Columbus Alive

The dude who leaked Chinese Democracy got a visit from the feds, specifically two "Mulder & Scully types."

Under the Radar published a list of the top 10 protest songs of the 21st century (Bright Eyes, really?), not to be confused with John Ross' list of the top 10 protest songs ever, to be published in this week's Alive.

Is Steve Carell overexposed?

AV Club chatted with Matthew Broderick.

Lykke Li covers A Tribe Called Quest? Interesting!

Thanks to Pop Candy for this one: The creator of Stuff White People Like discussed Coldplay's white fan base with Vanity Fair.

Would you pay $400 for a complete Sopranos DVD set?

Stephen Colbert injured his face.

Time asks: What makes a song gay?

The BET Awards really spread the love this year; Kanye West and UGK led all winners with a reasonably modest two wins each.

Speaking of Kanye, he got on his blog and set the record straight about Bonnaroo, in all caps no less.

And speaking of UGK, this seems like an opportunity to post this amazing video again. Pimp C R.I.P.