Lunch Break Links: Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Columbus Alive

Devo is suing McDonald's over a happy meal action figure named New Wave Nigel, pictured above.

Jason Bateman: The Arrested Development movie remains in the works.

AV Club has an interview with the director of WALL-E, Andrew Stanton.

TV Guide set the record straight on the upcoming season of 24.

Status Ain't Hood has a live blog of the BET Awards.

I'm intrigued by this Suicide covers project featuring Bruce Springsteen, Liars, Spiritualized and more.

Sam Raimi is adapting a novel by Dennis Lehane? Weird combo.

Spinner is streaming new albums by Sigur Ros, Motley Crue, Three 6 Mafia and more.

Did Chris Martin intentionally flub his lyrics at Coldplay's free Madison Square Garden show? (They also became the third musical act to perform on The Daily Show.)

Look out John Ross: It's new music from Brightblack Morning Light!

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Damages is picking up quite a slate of quality actors. The latest: Timothy Olyphant.

Pitchfork wants you to get to know international garage rock sensation King Khan.

Radiohead has released a live video album on iTunes.

In this series of video clips, Girl Talk explains his new album track by track.

Death Row Records: Sold!, for the price of $24 million.

I thought Ohio wasn't known for having good pizza.

Lastly, EW had Michel Gondry make a list of his 25 favorite music videos of the last 25 years, including this classic from his pal Spike Jonze. Why do I feel like "Sabotage" inspired a good portion of the sketches I see on Human Giant?