Song of the Day: Comest picks

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On Saturday, be sure to see these guys...

Anyone with an amp can play a noisy, reckless set of songs, put it on wax and fancy themselves a revolutionary. Tight, beautiful noise? Now that takes practice and polish and a smart band of misfits like good ol' El Jeezy. Much like a drag racer narrowly escaping a fiery crash, last year's vinyl-only EP Funeral Home Sessions danced along the knife blade separating genius from garbage. The music was brash, loud, daring and droning, but the melodies hidden beneath "LGNO," "Indian Giver" and "XMas at Wounded Knee" bore listeners inescapably into the pall.

On Sunday, be sure to see these guys...

A band influenced by Jack Johnson, Sublime and Dave Matthews often results in a misguided dorm-room mess. Not so with the Andy Shaw Band, which uses the best elements of its mentors to create unique, laid-back grooves. Shaw and cohorts, among the hardest working musicians in town, have honed their trademark sound at a Monday night gig at Ruby Tuesday and regular appearances elsewhere around Central Ohio. During a very appropriate Sunday afternoon set in a gazebo, the band will run through the outstanding "Best of Us" and other breezy selections from Summer's Coming, released last year.

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