What To Do Tonight: See a movie

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

There's just not much on the live music or TV schedules tonight that impresses me, so I thought I'd use today's recommendation blog to point out all the new summer movie releases. If you're like me, you're woefully behind on all the hot new hits; why not get a jump on July 4 weekend and catch one of the new blockbusters? Maybe a promising art film is more your speed? A documentary, perhaps? To help you decide, check out Alive's reviews of Wanted, Mongol, Standard Operating Procedure, Get Smart, The Happening and Mister Lonely. Some other films get quick reviews here. And since our reviews publish tomorrow, for now I'll refer you to some other opinions on some of the night's most enticing choices, WALL-E (great buzz!) and Hancock (umm... Will Smith!).

(Oh, I guess we also reviewed The Love Guru, but do you really need a review to know to avoid that one?)

EDIT: Apparently our WALL-E review is live at Melissa Starker's blog The Bad and the Beautiful, so there you go.