Lunch Break Links: Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Columbus Alive

Pitchfork continues its Sub Pop tribute with a feature on the Sub Pop Singles Club.

I never knew Blender used to be released as a CD-ROM. Sounds very forward-thinking for 1995.

EW has actually resorted to making lists about lists.

Are these really Canada's top 10 albums of the past year? You decide. (Well, OK, you don't get to decide, but you do get to pass judgment!)

It does seem a little late in the game to be starting a new summer music festival, Madison Square Garden.

This story about David Simon's Generation Kill reveals that the creator of The Wire is prepping a movie about the real-life inspiration for the Robin Hood of the 'hood, Omar Little.

The debut Black Kids album is streaming at MySpace. See if it lives up to the hype. (Not likely.)

That Osbournes variety show is coming to Fox.

I must have missed when Ice-T and Soulja Boy ended their totally awesome beef. But now it might be back on!

Michael J. Fox may be joining the cast of Rescue Me.

For those of us who started watching Sportscenter during the Dan Patrick-Keith Olbermann days, seeing the pair reunited for NBC's Sunday night football coverage is a nostalgic thing of beauty.

Led Zeppelin has refused to get its own Guitar Hero game.

Here's a new Bloc Party video for "Mercury."