Lunch Break Links: Monday, July 14

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Columbus Alive

EW published the top 25 in its list of the best books of the past 25 years, and I'm disappointed to see Everything Is Illuminated got snubbed.

Spinner is streaming new records from The Hold Steady, Sunny Day Sets Fire, Bad Religion and more.

In honor of Maggie Gyllenhaal taking Katie Holmes' role in The Dark Knight, AV Club remembers 20 jarring instances of mid-series recasting.

Is there really a movie coming out called Donkey Punch?

Pitchfork picked its top 20 Sub Pop albums and had its writers chime in on more records that didn't make the cut.

Speaking of which, Bring Back Glam is recapping last weekend's hair metal heaven, Rocklahoma.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is officially returning for a seventh season next year. I'm real curious to see where this will go after the way last season wrapped up.

The Nas album that was going to have a controversial title (but now controversially doesn't) is finally out. Here's what the critics are saying.

Katherine Heigl could be getting the boot from Grey's Anatomy.

Josh Brolin and others on the set of Oliver Stone's W were arrested for brawling.

We end with a video for She & Him's marvelous "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" and, after the jump, Radiohead's new laser video for "House of Cards."