Song of the Day: Suicide

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Looking at the lineup for Warped Tour, which skips Columbus this year, I've been a little fed up with what counts for punk these days. I'm all for loud, brash, fast, guitar-driven rock music. But if any genre should avoid having a standardized sound, it's one whose principles delegitimized such a practice. Now, though, aesthetics have been substituted for ethics. That sucks.

In response (rebellion, perhaps), let me introduce you to Suicide, a punk band that never sounded like one. These two dudes railed against everything that made you comfortable, and their shows were rumored to be as bleak as anything experienced on the New York streets on the way to the club. Like the first concept shows of The Velvet Underground, both men would confront an audience, turning their performances into protest rallies for the cause of nihilism. I would've preferred to link to "Ghost Rider" or "Girl" -- they're darker and grittier -- but this track will do just fine.