Lunch Break Links: Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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Columbus Alive

EW counts down the 22 most appalling TV shows ever, starting with the new Hurl.

They also have a cover story about literary sensation/movie-sensation-in-the-making Twilight. (Speaking of that cover, apparently it's controversial. Not New Yorker controversial, but still.)

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman broke up after five years of dating.

Metallica will release its new Death Magnetic as a Guitar Hero III download the same day it comes out as a record.

Highly intriguing: J.J. Abrams demanded and received permission to limit commercial breaks and make every episode of his new Fox series Fringe 50 minutes long. (Most TV dramas run 41-44 minutes.)

Highly disappointing: A whopping 172 reality shows will debut this TV season.

T.I. and Fall Out Boy collaborated on a song.

Kristen Bell will be back on Heroes this year.

Larry Miller is a classic "that guy." Dig deep into his career at AV Club.

So the new Crash TV show will not be depressing or heavy-handed. And it won't focus on issues of class and race. So how is this related to the movie, exactly?

You Ain't No Picasso has a good interview with Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal.

Slate has an interesting feature on the predictive nature of stock photography.

Could Live Nation's newticketing business save us from Ticketmaster tyranny?

Project Runway announced its slate ofguest judges for the season that begins tomorrow. They also unveiled theircontestants, two of which have ties to Columbus.

TV critics tirelessly champion Mad Men, but do they really want it tobecome a hit?

Hey,free Coldplay song.

And we finish with live video of grunge forefathers Green River performing at last weekend's Sub Pop anniversary show.Pitchfork has clips of other performances.