Lunch Break Links: Thursday, July 17

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Columbus Alive

Yes, the dude from Gym Class Heroes actually got Hall & Oates tattooed on his hands.

Hot on the heels of yesterday's news that Amy Poehler would headline the Office spinoff came this report that the show has been for all intents and purposes shuttered, and creator Greg Daniels is going to build an unrelated show for Poehler. No word on what this means for Aziz Ansari.

Speaking of The Office, the Emmy nominations are out, and it's up for best comedy. And $*% them forever for leaving out The Wire.

TV Guide has a report on what to expect from the third season of Heroes.

So they might keep Scrubs alive beyond next season with a readily shifting, Braff-less cast a la ER.

Interesting inspirations for The Dark Knight's score: Kraftwerk and The Damned.

AV Club interviews Michael Ian Black.

Elton John is getting his own Ben & Jerry's flavor.

Lastly, The Hold Steady starred in their very own sketch on Letterman last night. But there's no video out there yet, so here's their musical performance, a rousing "Sequestered In Memphis." (Oh, and you must check out these clips of Rush on The Colbert Report and this old Nirvana footage.)