Lunch Break Links: Wednesday, July 23

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Columbus Alive

If this tracklisting for Metallica's Death Magnetic is real, the band has written "The Unforgiven III." Now, "The Unforgiven" was my jam growing up, but wasn't one sequel more than enough?

Speaking of metal legends, Tom Araya is hinting that Slayer might soon hang it up.

The significantly less legendary Bow Wow is thinking of getting out of the music game as well — to pursue acting, of course.

Spinner is streaming new releases from CSS, Dr. Dog, David Bowie and more.

Watch With Kristin has a video interview with The Office's Melora Hardin (Jan).

Will we really hear Dr. Dre's Detox before the end of the year?

With the new X-Files movie looming, AV Club talked to Gillian Anderson.

TV Guide has a "Where are they now?" feature on Project Runway alums.

Desperate for Lost news? Here you go.

Are children's books about superheroes really a new phenomenon? I remember reading Go-Bots books when I was a kid.

That was right around the time Golden Girls was big. And with that in mind, R.I.P. Estelle Getty.

Lastly, I'm excited to present the video for Young Jeezy and Kanye West's "Put On." And why not some new Animal Collective after the jump for good measure?

Animal Collective - "Lion In a Coma" - Live at Pitchfork Music Festival