Song of the Day: The Walkmen

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Somehow -- amid noise, showers of off-key fuzz, tinny squelches -- the latest release from this prolific New York band sounds touching, emotive and warm. Maybe because it sounds desperate, with singer Hamilton Leithauser straining, the way Bob Dylan once did, poignantly through the fury and confusion around him.

Much of A Hundred Miles Off used similar instrumentation, but here those pieces are turned louder, tuned differently; the yearning heard on "Louisiana" is made even more dire due to a harsher climate. Instead of pounding rhythms, the collection of songs on You & Me rise and fall -- waves of guitar and organ and distortion coming from God knows where -- crashing against people struggling to break free.

It's fantastic, a real triumph. The entire album is streaming, for one week, here.