What To Do Tonight: Terminate.

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

You're going to start seeing more TV picks mixed in with the live music now that fall premiere season is underway. Case in point: Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles (8 p.m., FOX) returns for a second season tonight after becoming (as predicted) one of the few new scripted hits during the poorly received, strike-shortened previous TV season. EW posted a roundup of the best moments from Season 1, which ended with sexy teen Terminator Cameron (Summer Glau) seemingly destroyed in a car explosion. Big surprise: She'll be back. Also in tow is Garbage singer Shirley Manson as a high-powered CEO.

The night also brings the season premiere of Prison Break (9 p.m., Fox), and I wasn't around last week to mention that Gossip Girl (8 p.m., The CW) is back too.

And the night's biggest rock show is, uhhhh, Hinder?