Lunch Break Links: Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

To begin, Pop Candy directs us to this list of the most underrated cartoon sidekicks.

AV Club has a Random Roles feature with David Carradine (Bill of Kill Bill fame).

What's this about a special Simpsons-triggered brain cell?

Here's a cool bit of music news: Magazine is reuniting.

Ad Age explains how the music industry spent the summer killing itself.

So it turns out Noel Gallagher was actually hospitalized for that fan attack. Sheesh.

EW has behind the scenes video from the Gossip Girl set. Speaking of which, do men really watch this show because of fully formed male characters? I thought it was all the pretty girls in nice clothes.

Oprah Winfrey is definitely guesting this season on 30 Rock.

NPR has a chat with J.J. Abrams.

After the jump, watch video of Spoon's Britt Daniel performing a new song in Portland. (Bonus points for employing Sleater-Kinney/Quasi/Jicks drummer Janet Weiss!)

But first, anybody remember Elbow? They crossed over from the UK around the same time as Coldplay and Travis, and they've got a new video for you here entitled "The Bones of You."