Lunch Break Links: Metallica under scrutiny, Ebert under attack

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Columbus Alive

Metallica's new Death Magnetic is out today. Here's what the critics are saying. Meanwhile, EW rounded up a list of career highs and lows.

Some other movie critic physically attacked Roger Ebert.

How very blogworthy! Hot Chip is helping Peter Gabriel cover the Vampire Weekend song that mentions Peter Gabriel.

M.I.A. launched her clothing line.

The girl who plays Ben's daughter on Lost is coming to Cold Case.

AV Club asks, what was the first album you bought with your own money?

R.E.M. fans: Fluxblog proprietor Matthew Perpetua completed his project of blogging about every song by Stipe and co. at Pop Songs 07-08. (Also: One of Peter Buck's guitars was stolen.)

As part of its Geezers Issue, Slate lists 80 over 80: The most powerful octogenarians in America. Also, since his grandma recently got on Facebook, my editor Brian would be interested in this piece about what old folks do online.

Jennifer Lopez will no longer be judging the Project Runway finale.

Monsters and Critics has an interview with Amy Ryan about her new role on The Office.

The founder of defunct, invite-only music piracy network OiNK has been charged with conspiracy to defraud.

Lastly, I give you "Weekend," the new video from The Sea and Cake.