Lunch Break Links: A great author dies, Fey nails Palin

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Columbus Alive

First the bad news: Author David Foster Wallace committed suicide over the weekend. Time and The LA Times published some of the many tributes.

AV Club lists 19 child actors who went on to respectable careers.

Idolator pointed me to a lengthy 1982 Penthouse article about the LA punk scene.

Best Buy bought Napster (you know, the newish pay-to-play Napster).

Meanwhile, MySpace Music (you know, MySpace's attempt to compete with iTunes) is set to launch this week.

And how cool is it that Amazon is stocking 250,000 vinyl titles?

Kanye West blogged about last week's arrest for attacking a photographer, and Roger Ebert offered his take on getting smacked by a fellow critic.

Lastly, that laughter I promised you. Tina Fey stopped by SNL's season premiere to brilliantly portray Sarah Palin alongside Amy Poehler's Hillary Clinton. Watch it below, then follow the jump for Lil Wayne's musical performances.

"Got Money":