Lunch Break Links: Stream new music, bid farewell to a legend

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Columbus Alive

Meanwhile, Slate asked David Foster Wallace's former editors and associates to remember the man and his work.

MTV is streaming the new Cold War Kids album, and is streaming the latest from TV on the Radio.

I'm displeased that I didn't yet mention the albums streaming at Spinner this week, including new ones from The Streets, Dressy Bessy and Portugal. The Man.

There was a time when I was blogging about Stone Temple Pilots nearly as much as I blog about Kanye. Well, I'm happy to resurrect that trend today with a new Scott Weiland solo MP3!

Oh, and the Jack White/Alicia Keys James Bond theme leaked.

Will George Clooney make a return to ER before the show wraps up at the end of the season? Anthony Edwards demands it.

Paste has another interview with the guys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Mental Floss has a fun quiz about fictional bands.

There's much ado about the starlets of the new 90210 being too thin.

Another band that got slammed by Pitchfork decided to complain about Pitchfork.

Paul McCartney is getting death threats for going through with a concert in Israel.

AV Club's "New Cult Canon" series tackles Fight Club.

Lastly, a bizarre Minor Threat tribute starring Ben Kingsley, presented by MEAN Magazine.