Lunch Break Links: Seinfeld ads yanked, Eminem on comeback trail

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Columbus Alive

Those odd Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates Microsoft ads will soon be disappearing from your TV screen. I actually quite liked the second one (above), which gives a little bit more context and features the dude who played Mel's sniveling husband Doug on Flight of the Conchords.

Eminem could have a new album out before the end of the year.

Lambchop released a new song yesterday in honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Does the phrase "Lambchop song" make anybody else think, "This is the song that doesn't end..."?

Belle and Sebastian are releasing a collection of their BBC sessions.

Alan Moore talked to The LA Times about the film version of his classic graphic novel, Watchmen.

Is Santino Rice responsible for making Project Runway's Tim Gunn a star?

Slate explores when audiobook casting goes wrong.

Hey, a war of words between the stars of Gossip Girl and 90210. This couldn't possibly have been orchestrated by The CW...

A UK awards show actually awarded The Spice Girls over Led Zeppelin in the best reunion category.

Speaking of reunions, Ben Folds Five played a one-off reunion show in North Carolina last night.

Here's a study of Metallica: The Brand.

The Oregonian has an interview with Chuck Klosterman about his new novel, Downtown Owl.

We conclude with a new video from Max Tundra called "Will Get Fooled Again."