Lunch Break Links: Emmys galore, update on injured musicians

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EW has tons of good interviews from the red carpet, including one that brings John Krasinski and Evangeline Lilly together. Ausiello talked to lots of other stars from Lost, Mad Men, 30 Rock and more. Look out, they're occasionally spoiler-y, but not in severely significant ways.

You might have heard former blink-182 drummer/reality TV star Travis Barker and tabloid-friendly record spinner DJ AM suffered third-degree burns and were in critical condition after a plane crash over the weekend. The latest update suggests the pair will survive.

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon launched her own fashion line.

As fall officially gets underway, AV Club publishes a list of 25 songs for changing seasons.

Radiohead is planning an interactive remix project for "Reckoner" like the one they did with "Nude."

Pitchfork has an interview with David Byrne.

As TRL sails off into the sunset,Slate examines the show's current top 10 videos.

ABC has a new show called Flash Forward in the works that may be a perfect companion for Lost. The premise: "It chronicles the chaos that ensues after everyone in the world blacks out for 2 minutes, 17 seconds and has a mysterious vision of the future that changes lives forever." More detailshere.

Hipster music faves King Khan and some dude from Mastodon got in afistfight.

Idolator wonders how much of the music you listened to two years ago is still in your rotation today.

Indie labels aresuing the new MySpace Music store before it even launches.

Lastly,Stereogum has a review/setlist/videos/photos from My Bloody Valentine's return to North American soil over the weekend. Here's a little taste...