Lunch Break Links: Caruso! Kanye! Guttenberg! Madness!

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Columbus Alive

Oh, Kanye! Next on his agenda (besides working 16 hours a day on his new album and falling asleep in the studio) is a hip-hop-themed puppet variety show, like the old Muppet Show.

Steve Guttenberg looks totally effing crazy in a dress.

Stereogum has new singles from The Killers (Really guys? "Are we human or are we dancers?") and Vampire Weekend.

AV Club offers its second annual guide to fall prestige movies.

Could My Bloody Valentine actually be recording their new album this year?

To compete with iPhone, Google is releasing a Gphone with MP3s from the Amazon store.

As much as I love the idea of Jon Hamm hosting SNL, is anybody going to know who he is? I guess reportedly pairing him with Coldplay will help.

Pop Candy directs us to this list of Lost's top 50 OMG moments.

As promised, we end with seven minutes of Caruso one-liners!