Song of the Day: TV on the Radio

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I've already linked to one song from the band's latest album, Dear Science, but one is not enough to encapsulate what likely will be the best album of the year. It stands that way now: This is an immensely dense, engaging record that builds on Return to Cookie Mountain by capturing the jittery political, social and cultural climates that make musical statements increasingly diffuclt to proclaim without a thousand asides, footnotes and uncertainties.

As reviewer Chris Dahlen wrote earlier this week, "The sign o' the times they capture here isn't audacious hope, or fierce revolution: it's confusion. They're the house band for a country that has no idea what'll hit it next." (Yes, they owe a large debt to Prince.)

We're all confused -- at least those who pay attention. Yet, we trudge on, which TVOTR does here with surprising consistency. There's no standout single, no "Wolf Like Me," but this record, from start to finish, is an astounding product of the coolest, smartest band in pop music.