Lunch Break Links: Lil Wayne blogs for ESPN, Led Zeppelin to tour?

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Led Zeppelin reunion tour: How legit this time?

Buffy fans: Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to TV with a new HBO comedy.

Listen if you dare: Perez Hilton released his debut single.

The fall TV season already has its first cancellation. It's no surprise considering the people that made the show publicly apologized for how bad it sucked.

Bloc Party's new album cover is pretty intense. Intimacy, indeed.

Slate has a video piece from author Jonathan Safran Foer (Everything Is Illuminated, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) about "how I write." The Slate and NYU people who interview him are surprisingly young.

They also have a guide to how not to be the first person booted off a reality show.

Meanwhile, Cracked has a list of mistakes every movie villain inexplicably makes.

Punk Rock Pizza? Hilarious.

We conclude with a new video from Annuals called "Confessor." Have at it: