Lunch Break Links: Russell Crowe goes both ways, Radiohead video contest winner

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Columbus Alive

Could Russell Crowe be playing Robin Hood and the sheriff of Nottingham in Ridley Scott's upcoming Robin Hood film?

Rosie O'Donnell will host an NBC primetime variety special on the night before Thanksgiving.

Incorporating Chris Martin into your rap song is becoming so popular that even Ron Artest is doing it.

Although I love lists, I think Amanda Petrusich has a point about what music magazines need to do to survive.

Rhapsody is streaming The Chemistry of Common Life, the new album from rising stars F***ed Up.

EW lists 16 of Jim's best pranks on The Office and baits Lost fans with a list of 20 cool fake bands that includes Driveshaft.

Larry Flynt is producing a Sarah Palin-themed porno.

AV Club talked to Bill Maher about his new anti-religion documentary Religulous.

Idolator had some audio experts weigh in on the controversy about the sound quality of Metallica's new album.

We conclude with the winner of Radiohead's fan-submitted video contest, which will serve as the official clip for "Reckoner." It's by Frenchman Clement Picon.