Lunch Break Links: Goodbye Rap City, hello Tracy Morgan

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Columbus Alive

TV Guide has an interview with Tracy Morgan, host of tonight's Hip-Hop Honors on VH1.

Does MySpace Music really suck that bad?

I like that somebody is taking The Killers to task for ridiculous lyrics like "Are we human or are we dancer?"

AV Club talked with Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead, How To Lose Friends and Alienate People and the upcoming Star Trek reboot.

I would be disappointed if Rapidshare went out of business, but I guess there are lots of alternatives.

Apparently The Beatles aren't the only band Oasis likes to rip off. (Also, how did their brilliant Beatles rip "Don't Look Back in Anger" get lumped in with all this crap on the Buzz Ballads 2 compilation?)

Bummer: Mr. Clean is dead.

Pitchfork has an interview with Girl Talk.

Kanye West's Curb Your Enthusiasm-style comedy is apparently "too hardcore" for HBO.

Speaking of Kanye, to finish up, after the jump is some live video of a new song called "Heartless" that proves his new album won't all be like "Love Lockdown," thank God. First, though, here's a new Fleet Foxes song called "Silver City." (Don't forget they'll be in our city Wednesday night.)