Lunch Break Links: Lil Wayne's birthday party, Zeppelin goes sub-Stapp

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Columbus Alive

Lil Wayne's birthday party sounds like it was suitably outrageous. Here's an MP3 of him performing "A Milli" with The Roots a few nights ago.

Could Led Zeppelin really be recruiting the guy from Alter Bridge to fill in for Robert Plant on tour?

Could Chinese Democracy really be coming out Nov. 23?

EW went to work with celebs such as Tina Fey, Jason Bateman and MGMT. Also, bummer, no Gossip Girl cameo on 30 Rock after all.

A new Animal Collective album is coming your way.

You, too, can make a Killers album cover.

I'm actually very intrigued by this upcoming Britney Spears documentary.

Yahoo posted what could be a major Lost spoiler.

To finish up: You may have heard about how CBS refused to let No Age's Randy Randall wear an Obama T-shirt for its performance on Craig Ferguson. Apparently the performance was pre-recorded, so Ferguson took some time to discuss the incident before the band played "Eraser." Here we go: