Lunch Break Links: M.I.A. is pregnant, Of Montreal is crazy, Britney has a new video

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Columbus Alive

M.I.A. appeared on stage in NYC to reveal that she is having a baby (or possibly twins?) with fiance Ben Brewer. So that's why she "retired" from touring.

Man, Of Montreal's stage show has really gone over the top! Like, seriously, this is totally insane! You have to see this. Also, be sure to scroll through the many (many) photos to check Columbus' own Ahmed Gallab behind the drum kit.

In other Elephant 6-related news, Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum surfaced on stage in NYC this weekend.

Spinner is streaming new albums by Of Montreal, The Pretenders, The Clash (Live at Shea Stadium) and more.

Bjork and Thom Yorke have collaborated on a new single.

Also, some dude mashed up "Reckoner" with Kanye's "Love Lockdown."

Slate goes way back to report on Emily Dickinson's secret lover. (Yes, that Emily Dickinson.)

EW is having a tournament to determine the best Star Wars moment ever.

Sarah Palin (the real Sarah Palin) will supposedly make an appearance on Saturday Night Live on Oct. 25, when Jon Hamm (aka Mad Men's Don Draper) hosts.

I'm sorry to report a couple musical deaths. R.I.P., gentlemen.

We finish up with Britney Spears' new video for "Womanizer," which premiered Friday on 20/20(WTF?). It's a pretty decent pop track, except the parts when she just sings the word "womanizer" over and over again. See for yourself.