Lunch Break Links: Hear the new Bjork/Yorke single, and please stop sending Ringo Starr fan mail

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Columbus Alive

Let's kick things off with the new Bjork/Thom Yorke collaboration, "Nattura," embedded above for your listening pleasure. The Washington Post notes that Yorke never recorded anything with Bjork since their 2000 collabo "I've Seen It All," and his minimal contributions here seem to agree with the assertion that this track merely features a manipulated Yorke sample.

Speaking of Mr. Yorke, I have loved Radiohead for many years, but even I disagree with KEXP listeners, who polled a whopping four of the band's albums into the top 20 of their 903-album countdown. In Rainbows is great and all, but top 20 of all time? Really? (Also, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots? You've gotta be kidding me.)

Just as the Wall Street Journal starts defending music piracy, Limewire is trying to go legit.

As usual, Robert Pollard has a lot of new albums coming down the pipeline.

KISS has launched a line of — no joke — Mr. Potato Head-style dolls.

Geez, Don Cheadle is replacing Terrence Howard in the next Iron Man movie.

Is this Justin Timberlake track really new or really old?

NBC is really missing out on Tina Fey's peak stardom by holding back 30 Rock until Oct. 30.

Pitchfork has an interview with indie shredder Marnie Stern.

AV Club has chats with Jenny Lewis and TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe.

I'm surprised to learn that someone with Don Draper's job today would only make about $41,000 a year. What about other TV characters' salaries? (Also, Mad Men is getting its own Jeopardy category.)

Dave Grohl is getting a street named after him in Warren, Ohio.

Lastly, Ringo Starr has had it with you fans and your fan mail. See for yourself! Peace and love, folks!