Lunch Break Links: Watch the 30 Rock premiere a week early, Ben Folds Five's reunion concert a month late

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Columbus Alive

Paste, which has gotten into the TV game, lists the 30 best moments from 30 Rock so far. The season premiere (which I have seen, and it's wonderful) will supposedly be streaming at starting today, though there's no sign of it yet.

You can, however, watch Ben Folds Five's Reinhold Messner-themed reunion concert at MySpace.

Radar reports that Bono is becoming a columnist for The New York Times. Idolator fears how those columns might turn out.

Pitchfork published the second half of its Bjork interview.

iTunes asked The Daily Show's staff about their favorite music.

Plus, AVC's New Cult Canon feature takes on Office Space.

I thought music/social networking service imeem was doing well. Guess not.

Speaking of imeem, one of their blogs tracks "hip-hop's most suspect lyrics."

Apparently the politicians who have been lampooned on SNL lately are getting catty with the actors who play them.

Friday Night Lights' Smash Williams is outta here.

Lastly, Ed Westwick, the dude who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, has a band. They're called The Filthy Youth, and this is them playing their song "The Confidence."