Lunch Break Links: Mad Men in jeopardy! Plus: Bravo developing Project Runway copycat

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Big links list today to make up for yesterday's paltry showing, starting with some horrible news:

Nikki Finke is reporting that Lionsgate is shopping for a showrunner to replace the brilliant Matthew Weiner on Mad Men. This couldn't be a worse decision. I'm going to puke. Time for public outcry!

Maybe the people behind The Simpsons, obviously big Mad Men fans, can talk some sense into the suits. Also, here's another interview with Weiner.

Bravo is developing a Project Runway copycat series now that the original has jumped ship to Lifetime and is mired in a legal battle.

Pitchfork examines pop music's role in this year's presidential election.

Daily highlights from Charlie Rose will now appear on Slate.

Yahoo wonders which TV shows have jumped the shark.

Paste is in the midst of counting down the 20 best TV characters of the past 20 years. Here's hoping for a Benjamin Linus sighting in the top 10.

So we have a rejiggered 90210, and now we're getting a rebooted Melrose Place too? That's perhaps a little too far.

Christie's is auctioning off some punk memorabilia.

Britney Spears is rumored to be hosting SNL next week.

Stereogum is premiering a new Flaming Lips track from the long-awaited movie Christmas on Mars.

AV Club talked to Kevin Smith and directed me to pumpkins carved by the Lost cast. Hey, I'll take whatever Lost I can get.

In case you're wondering, it takes Jason Lee five to six weeks to grow a full "Earl" mustache.

The Hives have been sued for plagiarism, but isn't, like, their whole catalog plagiarism?

Joaquin Phoenix is getting out of the acting game.

Lastly, a new politically themed video from Usher? Why not? It's called "Hush."