Lunch Break Links: Grey's vs. gays! Plus: Pitchfork's top 500 songs

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Pitchfork is publishing a book about the 500 best songs "from punk to the present." Some blog got a hold of the list and published it, though you'll have to wait for the book to check out the pithy commentary.

Tracy Morgan told The New York Times that 30 Rock co-star Alec Baldwin helped save him from alcoholism.

AV Club interviews the key players behind Mystery Science Theater 3000.

They also did a Random Roles feature with Lance Reddick, the stellar actor who has played a part on two of TV's greatest shows, The Wire and Lost. (Also Fringe, but I'd rather forget about that.)

Slate lists the greatest fictional presidential candidates. EW has a list of the best fake presidents too. We here at Alive published just such a list too.

Faygo apparently has no interest in officially associating itself with Insane Clown Posse, the group that has been identifying itself with the beverage company for years.

James Earl Jones will guest on Two and a Half Men.

Stereogum has a guide to British music rag NME's Cool List 2008.

Apparently Cliff Huxtable helps Barack Obama, but Steve Urkel hurts him.

Wired cracks the case of the mysterious, seemingly impossible chord at the beginning of "A Hard Day's Night."

Circuit City is closing a bunch of stores in order to stave off bankruptcy.

Lastly, another new Kanye tune called "Anyway."