Vote Yourself: The National Review's take on Obama

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Obama opposes things I support (flat tax code, smaller government) and made only token mention of issues I wish weren't overlooked (warrantless wiretapping, decriminalization of marijuana). I don't believe health care is an American right, I don't support the financial rescue plan that Obama (and John McCain) supported.

In short, he's a liberal; I am not.

But he's a smart, eloquent and dashing politician in a political climate that doesn't often reward such things. His acceptance speech last night -- which I applauded proudly -- illustrated why people swoon over him and why people on the other side should listen to what he has in store for the next four years. The way in which he called out to America signals that he could temper partisan bickering and continue to invigorate the political system for years to come.

This great piece in The National Review poses a similar argument.