Lunch Break Links: Michael Crichton dead, King of the Hill back from the dead?

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Columbus Alive

ABC is interested in picking up the recently canceled King of the Hill.

The Kinks reunion is really happening. A Blur reunion is possible.

Christina Hendricks, the woman who plays curvy secretary Joan Holloway on Mad Men, once starred in an Everclear video.

On the eve of the submission deadline, Idolator explains how bands get picked for SXSW.

EW debunks 10 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia myths.

Surely you want to read about the Tokio Hotel driving spree on the streets of Germany!

The Palm Beach Post insists that SNL needs to hire a black female cast member now that Michelle Obama is in the White House. I tend to agree.

In other news, Blair Underwood says he played Barack Obama 20 years ago.

The Daily Swarm rounds up Obama-related music.

I can't believe it took me this long to link to M.I.A. covering the theme from The Wire.

We wrap up with the new video from Sigur Ros, with a title I would never try to pronounce but will nonetheless paste in here: "Við spilum endalaust."