Lunch Break Links: Relive the last two decades of pop culture, hear Motown's history straight from the source and get ready for satellite radio's merger

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As they search for 2008's entertainer of the year, EW flashes back to each year's winner since 1990. It's a really fun flashback through pop culture.

Vanity Fair's oral history of Motown is definitely worth a click.

Thanks to Idolator for that link, and this one: The big Sirius-XM merger is going live Nov. 12, aka this coming Wednesday, so look out for some of your favorite satellite radio stations going poof as the newly merged company weeds out redundancies.

In other tech news, you can now transform your iPhone into a four-track recorder.

If Pushing Daisies gets canceled, creator Bryan Fuller is open to returning to work on Heroes, which could be just what the struggling superhero show needs. (Especially considering it started to suck exactly when he left.) If he can't help, maybe one of these other guys can.

Really, MTV Europe? Rick Astley is the Best Act Ever?

No surprise: Soulja Boy admits it was "a huge mistake" to shout out the slavemasters.

Aw, the in-the-works series about the origins of Robin isn't going to happen.

Hey, a new Jay-Z song about Obama.

Somebody from the cast of 24 has landed a recurring role on Lost.

Rolling Stone reports that a rock band featuring five U.S. congressmen had three of its members booted from Washington by the election.

I've been hearing the name Glasvegas a lot lately, so I'll end by posting this acoustic version of their song "Geraldine" performed in a stairwell. Looking forward to investigating the Scottish band's record.