Nature Notes: Tying flies

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Spent the weekend breaking in my new fly-tying vice. So far, I've learned that the sport of fly fishing can be even more complicated than I realized. (And I'm lost in it often.) I started out tying Clouser minnows, woolly buggers and some light streamers I've termed "Night Stalkers."

They're kind of like night crawlers (popular bait for spin casters) -- but far more deadly to fish! Well, I rarely keep fish, so...far more annoying and sub-lethal to fish!

Tying flies is a great winter exercise because you learn not only how your lures are constructed but also how fish might see them. What's great about flies -- especially those you tie yourself -- is that everything's adaptable: size, color, angles, look, feel and even sound. Being able to match a fly to your style, ability and on-water needs is a huge advantage.

This video below is a great intro to how a simple streamer is tied. Be warned: It has the least relevant use of an AC/DC song in history.