Song of the Day: Deerhunter

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Deerhunter has instrumental songs, languishing in arty jam, and those that rip quick and righteous. These styles meet head on in "Nothing Ever Happened." Don't be fooled: Lots happens in this amazing track from the Atlanta band's third LP.

Shifts in mood happen. Catchy single-note riffs happen. Fuzz happens. A lot. The song explores noise -- sometimes Deerhunter's calling card -- though mostly the group is happy to tatter a pop melody and sew it together with somewhat normal sounds. Some will cry that this song is toned down, tame, safe, but it shows a band good enough to play by a few of the old rules.

Deerhunter plays the Grog Shop in Cleveland Friday, Nov. 18. Disappears and Columbus s--tgaze pioneers open.