Lunch Break Links: Studios prep a new Karate Kid, a Jerry Garcia biopic

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Columbus Alive

Lots of links from Idolator today, so thanks to them. Anyway:

I agree with PopWatch: Why remake The Karate Kid?

I'm much more intrigued by the prospect of a Jerry Garcia biopic. (Also worth noting: A city councilman drunkenly peed on the crowd at a Dead tribute show in New Jersey.)

Lupe Fiasco is going to release a TRIPLE album to conclude his three-release world takeover plan?

Big Boi will guest on an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Must be comedy week at AV Club: Today they interview Mike Birbiglia.

MTV is reaching way back for Saturday's TRL finale and inviting the ridiculous Jesse Camp, among others.

Is Aretha Franklin the greatest singer of the rock era?

ABC may be trying to pair Lost with Life on Mars.

Pop Candy lists Amazon editors' top picks for holiday shopping.

Andrew WK and Ted Leo are teaming up to bring you karaoke madness.

Somebody got the poor kid from the Nevermind cover to recreate the classic pose 17 years later.

Timbaland is getting into the film business.

I can't believe it's only been five weeks since Fleet Foxes played here. Seems like ages ago, which is why this "Take Away Show" from the Seattle harmonizers feels like just the ticket to close out today's link sesh.