Victoria's Secret Pt. 1: Oceanside suite, son

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The air approach into Miami couldn't be more different than descending into Los Angeles: swamps instead of desert, ponds and lakes instead of barren, dry mountain crags. Once we were on the ground, everything else seemed different, too.

We're staying in the Fontainebleau, a historic hotel in Miami Beach that recently got a $1 billion restoration. The concierge mentioned that what was once a family resort is now, you know, the kind of place where hot models want to walk around in their unmentionables. (Keeping the octopus water slide would've been nice, though. We're about to hit one of the pools in a minute.)

Problem is, the hotel isn't done. Two crews -- one for the show, one for finishing the structure -- are working at a feverish pace to get things in order for the taping of the show on Saturday. This place is absolutely buzzing. Everyone is very tall.

Our room is beautiful -- lodgings that charge $8 for a can of beer in the mini-bar...and people pay it. There are several towers of rooms, each white and statuesque. We're right on the beach, which I will comb for shells tomorrow morning after talking to the dudes over at MIx 97.1 at around 8 a.m.

Also, I swear Heidi Klum walked by us earlier today with an entourage and a kid sporting jean shorts and a mohawk. Will didn't think it was her. On one hand, it's likely that the most popular Victoria's Secret Angel would be at the hotel hosting her show a few days beforehand. On the other, why hang with anyone in jean shorts?