Victoria's Secret Pt. 4: Arriving on a giant boat

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

A crowd gathered this morning to watch the eight contract models and about 22 others (who are still very hot, mind you) arrive to the Fontainebleau in a yacht. Miami Beach is separated from Miami by a small channel lined with history, hotels and houses. And up this small waterway came giant blue boat, with an enormous bow and windows tinted dark gray.

It was 95 feet long, and the models were standing along the top rail waving, smiling and blowing kisses to the press scrum that had formed on the dock. The weather was perfect. Around these women, it seems to be constantly sunny. I was told by a Limited Brands associate that Victoria's secret is actually the ability to control the weather.

It was something. A Limited dude and I soon began to discuss which we'd like to have more: a healthy, loving, lifelong relationship with an Angel of our choice or the boat. I'm still thinking...

(Photos by Will Shilling)