Victoria's Secret Pt. 5: Who's in the room down the hall?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

We're on the 12th floor of the Chateau tower, and there's been quite a commotion brewing down the hall from us. Every time we walk by, a group of people with special lanyards and Blackberry-type devices guards the door. The group has grown from two to six people.

Will thinks we're sharing the floor with entertainment personnel. The slated musical guest is Usher. All members of the entourage in question are black, yet I've heard no emphatic "Yeahs" echoing from the room.

Also, we've been taking bets on which other celebrities will show up. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is in town for a governors' convention, so she might attend. I think she'd be fine walking down the runway. Also, the Fontainebleau used to be run by the Hiltons, so there's always a chance Paris Hilton and that little dog of hers, too, will make an appearance. A final guess: Will Smith. Because of the Dominican women with cinnamon tans.