What's happening with this blog during my vacation

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hey all:

I'm going on vacation next week. (Not coincidentally, this vacation will take place in Los Angeles, where the Columbus Crew will be playing for MLS Cup next Sunday, Nov. 23. Hooray!)

In the meantime, I have a lot of writing to get done for print and for this blog, so even though I'm not leaving town until Tuesday, the daily features (Lunch Break Links and What To Do Tonight) will be suspended from now until I return. However, the blog will not be going totally dark during this time. Between now and Tuesday, I have several topics on backlog that I want to write about here. Then, when I'm in LA, I will chime in with a few MLS Cup-related posts and possibly some other West Coast stuff.

So stay tuned despite some interruptions to our regularly scheduled programming.