Victoria's Secret Pt. 7: Why do I have Bernie's Kosar's cell?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Fantastic party last night thrown by the Fontainebleau to formally open the hotel. It's still not 100 percent complete, but there's enough functioning real estate to host a bad-ass bash with lots of celebrities. And when you spend $1 billion to transform a building into a destination, you want the Victoria's Secret Angels to cut the ribbon.

My most epic celebrity encounter? Bernie Kosar, who's a University of Miami legend. When I got a picture with him, he gave me his cell-phone number. He also has mine. Why? To be honest, I'm not sure. We were talking about Columbus media, and he said he had some ideas for partnerships or something. My heart soared. Had I more time down here, I would make Will eat at one of his signature steakhouses.

Yesterday, we made some predictions about who will show up to the taping and after-party tonight, but no one could've guessed the random list of famous peeps who appeared in the marbled lobby and adjoining party rooms starting at 9 p.m. I was inside, Will with the photogs lining the carpet. Here's who else I saw in person...

Gwyneth Paltrow: She's about 6 feet, 5 inches tall in heels. George Hamilton: He is, in fact, the tannest person alive. Jeff Gordon: We're not sure if he's really short or his wife's just really tall. He seemed like a nice guy. Alonzo Mourning: We are quite sure that 'Zo is really, really tall. His suit looked to be made from a main sail. Russell Simmons: Wearing his blue New York Yankees hat, of course. Alex Rodriquez: Not wearing his Yankees cap. I still think he's a rod, though. Cee-Lo Green: When you are awesome, you can wear madras shorts and sneakers to a hotel-opening party. Ergo, Cee-Lo is awesome. Paris Hilton: She didn't look bored so much as blank, twiddling away on her phone and stopping to take photos in which she didn't smile.

Will also snapped shots of Kate Hudson, P. Diddy, Eve, John Stamos, some girl who might be Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Trachtenberg and Don Shula. We'll have a complete slideshow of the celeb pics up with the print story next week. For now, a sampling:

(Photos by Will Shilling)