Victoria's Secret Pt. 8: Will finds wonders in the makeup room

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

An old hand at this circus, I knew just what to expect inside the prep room where the supermodels get ready for the night's shows. There are two tapings -- 7 and 10 p.m. -- and we've got tickets to the later one. (They're now in the room safe.)

The girls were seated in director's chairs in front of makeup booths, surrounded by a scrum of designers, stylists, assistants and press folks. All are eager to get their attention. The girls are not phased. It's business as usual for them. Will scurried around, snapping at a furious pace.

His Canons need a rest before tonight so as not to burst into flames.

Thanks to some very generous handlers, I got the chance to speak with Marisa Miller and Adrianna Lima. Both were very, very nice. Also, hot. Miller and I talked about the first time she went surfing (in Santa Cruz at age three) and the last time she ate a cheeseburger (In-n-Out about a week ago).

More on that in the print story running in Alive Nov. 27. Now, for the first time, we're headed to the beach. More photos after the jump.