Victoria's Secret Pt. 10: Some reflections on an adventure

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Will and I have been back for a few days now, so it's time to piece together one of the most interesting, exhausting assignments we've ever completed. Yes, fashion is fun. It's also ridiculously hard to cover. That said, some thoughts...

Biggest Disappointment On the taxi ride from the airport, I saw signs for the Bass Museum. Sweet, I thought. Unfortunately, it turned out to the Bass Museum of Art. For people who prefer painting to smallmouth, go here.

Most beautiful Angel Picking Angels seems so arrogant. I mean, I'd kiss any of them if they asked. Will was partial to relative newcomer Miranda Kerr. She's from Australia. As far as overall personality and beauty, I still love Karolina Kurkova. I didn't get a chance to speak with Ms. Kerr.

Secret discovery We think the Fontainebleau is set up to become a casino. There were signs for cages and accounting rooms -- two preparations for high-stakes gambling. An employee of the hotel mentioned that many are trying to set up more casinos in Florida, which already has tribal gaming. Developers of the Fontainbleau Miami Beach also have another hotel in the works in Las Vegas.

Momentary lapse of reason On the way back from the pool, we accidentally toured construction of an upcoming day spa. Workers didn't seem to care that we wandered around while they were painting, hanging drywall and running electrical wires. Looked pretty nice.

Favorite celebrity sighting Will loves the voluptuous Kim Kardashian, who dates Reggie Bush and has a reality TV show. I thought it was really interesting that Gwyneth Paltrow is about 6'5" in heels. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. I also maintain that Adriana Lima checked me out, but Will and his expensive camera were busy taking photos of eyeliner. Next year, two photographers...