MLS Cup: Game time

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The New York fans are restless. The transplanted Nordecke is filling in nicely. The reserves are on the team benches. The national TV broadcast has begun. And some dude just parachuted onto the pitch.

It's 12:35 on the West Coast, and it's time for MLS Cup.

I'll be updating this entry throughout the match. Here we go...

First half is wrapping up. Nordecke went crazy twice during that first period: Once for a non-goal, then again for the real deal, a savory strike from Alejandro Moreno off a sweet service from league MVP Guillermo Barros Schelotto. It was quick and to the point, and it gave the Crew a 1-0 lead heading into the half.

Quick thoughts on the first half:

•Gino Padula, old and slow as he might seem, did a great job shutting down speedy Dane Richards on the flank. Richards had some chances, but he's had to work hard for them. It's been a fun battle to monitor from the Nordecke.

•So great to see Moreno get a goal in MLS Cup. Is any Crew player more beloved?

•Juan Pablo Angel on the ball in the box is a scary sight. The Crew is lucky he didn't bury the chance he got.

•That said, on another occasion Danny O'Rourke stood Angel up beautifully. Just stepped in and swept the ball away. It was a thing of beauty.

•William Hesmer is playing out of his mind. Totally owning the box.

•Robbie Rogers doesn't seem like he's playing his best soccer today. He either rushes the play and loses control or plays around for far too long until it's an utter stalemate in the box. He needs to find the middle ground.

•So crazy that John Wolyniec is still suiting up — and starting in MLS Cup, no less!

•Nordecke is in strong form today. The chants were loud and proud. They've got some help, though; large chunks of LA Galaxy and Chivas USA fans have joined the Crew's cause, chanting "Columbus for a day" instead of "Columbus 'til I die."

•Schelotto is on today. It's a very good thing for the Crew when he's on.