MLS Cup: Here we are now. Entertain us.

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I'm in the Home Depot Center. It's an overcast day in LA, as if Columbus and New York brought their weather along with them for the trip. The air is actually quite chilly, but not uncomfortable. Perfect for soccer.

An hour ago, the place was quiet. Now? Not so much. I'm sitting in the auxiliary press box, an open-air section in the stadium's northwest corner. I like that I'm not watching from behind some window. When I first arrived, I figured I would stay here to watch the game. But it's become clear that they've situated we second-class media folks directly behind the most boisterous New York fans. This simply will not do.

Across the way, in the northeast corner, the denizens of the Nordecke are filtering in slowly. I may join them for the majority of this match. I've made no secret of the fact that I've been a Crew fan for a long time, and covering them as press this season has been a glorious privilege. But the fans have been as much of a story as the team this year, and now, in this most important of Crew matches, it feels right to be with them. I will, however, be checking in periodically here on the blog.

This is going to be intense.